A UCO Model Site

A UCO Model Site

A UCO Model Site

As one of the three partners of the Good Shepherd Catholic School, the university of Central Oklahoma (UCO) provides clinical and educational support to the school.  As such, GSCS is a model site for the application of ABA in a school setting.

This affords great benefits for the children of Good Shepherd.  As part of this initiative, the Applied Behavior Analysis  (ABA) program at UCO provides significant clinical and education support for our children.  UCO faculty and graduate students take the lead in evidence-based teaching and treatment methods.

This mode provides better outcomes for children, significant increases in staff training and support and programs that support parent and school collaboration.

As part of the UCO Model and Demonstration Site Initiative, an intense focus on outcomes related to communication, social skills, mental health, school readiness and success in any school environment exists.

Because the child’s primary therapist is the parent, we have created opportunities for parent training as well as consultation with our staff.  As a model site the Good Shepherd Catholic School will serve as a model for other schools and organizations that serve children with special needs.  As a service to the metropolitan area and the State of Oklahoma, the UCO Model and Demonstration Site helps ensure effective support for all children.

As a part of this collaboration with UCO the children of GSCS benefit from being at the leading edge of behavior analysis research and practice.  Faculty and students from the UCO Behavior Analysis program conduct research and present finds to ensure the best quality of care for our children and children across the country.

A clinical support team provides guidance and support.  The team is comprised of behavioral and education professionals including Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Behavioral Interventionists, School Administrators, Clinical Psychologists and graduate students.  The school currently employs three UCO trained BCBAs.