Insurance FAQ


Question: What insurance companies are you in-network with?

Answer: We are in-network providers with:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • TriCare 
  • United/Optum
  • Aetna 
  • Cigna
  • Global

Question: How much will I owe after insurance?

Answer: It depends. Every plan is different. Our Clinical Manager will provide the specifics of your individual plan after benefits have been verified.

   Things to remember:

  • You might have to pay the whole bill for the first few months until you reach your deductible.
  • You might have to pay co-insurance until you reach your out-of-pocket maximum.
  • You might have to pay a co-payment.
  • You may be responsible for payments if insurance runs out.

Question: What if I do not have ABA coverage through my insurance?

Answer: We offer a private pay option. We strive to offer competitively priced, high quality services to the autism community.  We understand the financial burden autism therapy treatments can cause, which is why we choose to offer families an affordable option. We want every child to have access to ABA and autism therapy.